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How It Works

1. Sign-up for a basic or premium subscription

2. Choose your phone

3. We’ll ship it out to you within 5 days

4. Your 30 day subscription begins when you get the phone

5. You’ll have 3 weeks from that point to decide whether you want to keep the phone for another month or choose a new phone

6. After the third week, your decision will be locked in

7. If you chose to get a new phone, we’ll get it to your doorstep by the 29th day

8. On the 30th day, you must mail your old phone back

9. Then the process repeats

How do I sign up for a Premium/Basic Membership?

Sign up for Premium: here

Sign up for Basic: here

What's the difference between the Premium and the Basic plans?

The Premium plan is $49.99/month with a security deposit of $649.99.  A Premium plan gives you access the latest and greatest in the smartphone industry.  You can rent any available phone on the website, including premium and basic phones.  The Basic plan is $29.99/month with a security deposit of $449.99.  A Basic plan allows you to rent phones that have been on the market for a year or longer.  You can rent any available basic phone on the website.

Why do you charge a deposit?

The main reason is to protect ourselves in case the phone is lost or damaged or someone refuses to return the phone.

How does buying a phone work?

A user can buy any of the phones on our website at any time.  Phones have a base price of 1.2 times their MSRP.  Each time a phone gets rented out, we subtract the price of that rental from these base prices. For example, a premium phone gets rented a number of 8 times.  It goes down in price $400.  The earlier you try to buy a phone, the better the chance you will have in succeeding.

Is the payment mechanism secure?

We offer Paypal – the leader in secure online payments. We also accept all major credit cards.

Can I switch phones early?

Yes, but it will cost an extra $19.99

When does the rental period begin and end?

The rental period begins when you receive the phone and stops the day you ship the phone back to us.

How do I return my phone?

Simply adhere the included shipping label over the original shipping label on the same box that you received the phone in, place the phone inside, seal the box, and mail it.

What happens if the phone gets damages while I'm renting it?

Beyond normal wear and tear, screen damage can result in charges of at least $150.  If the phone ceases to function properly from drops, spills or other user related causes, you will be billed for the full MSRP of the device.  Any dents or scratches to body of the phone that are more severe than normal wear and tear will result in a charge to the user of an amount to be determined by the severity of the damage.

When will I receive my next phone?

You will receive your next phone the day before you have to send back your previous phone so you are never without a phone and will be able to transfer any necessary data if needed.

Are phones cleaned?

Phones are cleaned with sanitary wipes and placed under UV light before being sent to the customer.

Are phones new or used?

All phones are to be presumed used.